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The FAA requires that each certificated pilot obtain a Flight Review with a CFI every 24 calendar months. The requirements for a flight review are a minimum of one hour of ground training and one hour of flight training.

Is the Flight Review similar to a checkride?

No! Unlike your checkride, a flight review is not a pass/fail scenario. An instructor can, however, decide to withhold their endorsement for your flight review if they determine that you need additional training. Once they feel as though you are proficient and safe they then can sign you off.

What is covered on a Flight Review?

Every instructor is different, but I like to structure the contents of the Flight Review around the pilot themselves. What do you feel as though you are weak in? Is there any training that you’d like to cover in particular? I like to talk to the pilot and get an idea of how they use their pilot certificate, what they want to achieve with the flight review and then structure a training experience around that. It’s important to me that Flight Reviews do more than just meet the minimum requirements for the FAA….I want them to be a positive experience for the pilot as well.

How do I schedule a flight review?

The easiest way to schedule a flight review is to fill out the form below or contact me via phone or email. Then we can discuss the particulars and develop a plan.

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