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A collection of my thoughts as a new CFI with some flight training tips, news articles, and other content sprinkled in. Have a topic you’d like to see me write about? Let me know!

A burnt out nose gear light on a PA-28R-201
Gear down, Two Green: A debrief on a gear issue during an IMC flight at night
“Arrow 106PE, are you officially declaring an emergency at this time?” “Negative”, I responded. It was the first time I’d ever been asked that question and the closest I’ve been to ever having to respond in the affirmative. The flight itself started off as a rather routine IFR training flight.…
Chair Flying Guide
A Simple Guide to Chair Flying
I was sitting in the airplane with my instructor working on various commercial maneuvers in preparation for my Commerical ASEL checkride. We had just completed a chandelle and the instructor says to me, “I smell smoke”. I didn’t respond right away and he says, “Yep, there is an engine fire”.…
[Infographic] Understanding 91.213 - Inoperative Equipment and Instruments
Understanding 91.213 – Inoperative Equipment and Instruments [Infographic]
You discover during your preflight that your stall horn is inoperative. Can you fly? What about if it's the autopilot? For a lot of new (and experienced) pilots, remembering how to deal with inoperative equipment can be a challenge. We often think of 91.205 (the ATOMATOFLAMES/FLAPS/GRABCARD acronyms) but that is…
Takeoff Briefings
Takeoff Briefings: How to Prepare For the Unexpected
In life all things are possible...that is unless you are trying to turn back to the airport after an engine failure on takeoff. And while there is a lot of debate as to if we should be calling it the impossible turn or just the impractical one, the NTSB continues…
faa personal minimums
A Short Guide to Personal Minimums
Identifying, mitigating, and managing risk is a major part of the Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) process. One of the ways we can manage risk is by creating a utilizing a set of Personal Minimums. What are personal minimums? Personal minimums are the human factors equivalent to reserve fuel in the…
Tips for passing your FAA Checkride
Tips for passing your FAA Checkride
Mention the word "checkride" to a pilot and watch what happens. The color may drain from their face, they may begin to sweat, and they may start mumbling things like P.A.V.E, I.M.S.A.F.E, P.A.R.E, and any of the other numerous acronyms that they've learned throughout their training. Checkride anxiety is real…
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